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Hi, my name is Maria Penner Loewen; better known as Maria Loewen. I live with my brother and my mom’s cat, along with my mom and dad. I try to be as helpful as I can helping my Dad on the farm, Mom in the house, and my brother, Benny, with school.

When I’m not raking hay or helping with goats, you’ll find me riding my horse or reading a book. Although, most likely you’ll find me in my room, writing. I found a love for words when I was twelve and I’ve been writing ever since. With a little bit of hard work and with God’s blessing, I published my first book in March of 2018. Take a look at A Christmas Prayer: How Noah and Sarah Saved Christmas. Go to the Books find out more and–maybe even buy one.

Being a farmer’s daughter, there’s a lot more to do than rake hay or feed goats. Every season comes with different jobs and every season gives time for different hobbies. You’ll have to visit my blog for more on every day life.